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About the Car

Your favorite car is here to rule your hearts with a well-crafted design and a majestic presence. With our ALL NEW KUSHAQ, you can enjoy a host of exceptional features that are simply a class apart with luxury and comfort.

6 Reasons to buy Škoda Kushaq
  • 1. Design – A commanding stance is what sets aside this premium SUV. The new ŠKODA KUSHAQ is an embodiment of striking design aesthetics complete with a prominent grille and an impressive front bumper. Make way for boundless journeys as you enjoy expressive design that ensures you exude a sense of confidence with every drive.
  • 2. Power – Feel powerful in an SUV made to empower you. Phenomenal performance delivered by a fuel-efficient core built for unmatched torque and maximum power. Experience heightened performance that will ignite your curiosity for power.
  • 3. Comfort – Stunning and functionally sound interiors speak volumes of ŠKODA’s commitment to unparalleled convenience. Equipped with features such as wireless front charging, 25.4 cm (10”) infotainment with ŠKODA Play App, ambient lights and much more, the new ŠKODA KUSHAQ will push your limits of comfort as you enjoy a new level of satisfaction.
  • 4. Roominess – Space gets a new meaning with the new ŠKODA KUSHAQ. A spatially abundant cabin that boasts of luxurious facets and plush upholstery made from the finest materials. The new ŠKODA KUSHAQ is equipped to fit in your entire world and a little more.
  • 5. Safety – Solid and robust build quality with a blend of features such as ESC as standard, driver and co-driver airbags and much more, makes the new ŠKODA KUSHAQ an epitome of safety.
  • 6. Connectivity – The new ŠKODA KUSHAQ ensures you stay connected wherever you go. The centerpiece of the opulent interiors is a large free-standing 25.4 cm infotainment system with in-built navigation. It comes equipped with ŠKODA Play App, wireless SMARTLINK connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.


Electric Sunroof

R [17] Dual Tone Atlas Alloy Wheels

Automatic rain and light sensors

ŠKODA Crystalline LED Headlamps

Cooled Glovebox

Ventilated Leather Front Seats

Two Spoke Steering wheel

Electronic Stability Control

25.4 Infotainment system

Hill Hold Control